Maryline Ainsley

What a beautiful young girl! When we meet Maryline, we see a teenager, very simple, discreet, with smiles … and we are far from suspecting courage and strength .

William Therrien

William is a very resilient boy who has overcome many challenges in the last two years. The early death of his father has promptly pushed him into the world .

Marika Forand-St-Onge

Endearing and authentic Marika! A beautiful girl who continues to evolve, to surprise us and probably to surprise herself! At the dawn of her 16 years, Marika continues her .

Nicolas Cool

Despite his difficulties, Nicolas never stopped working hard to succeed. Since French is not his mother tongue, he does not hesitate to work hard to reach .

Nadeige Roy

Nadeige puts a lot of energy into her studies! She does not hesitate to raise her hand to ask questions in class, comes regularly to recovery periods .

Keven Skelling

I have known Keven for three years now. I can tell you that this young man has made considerable progress in terms of self-confidence.

Reyhan Demir

Reyhan is a 17 year old girl from Turkey. She and her sister made the choice to join their father who was already in Matane .

Elizabeth Dupuis

Elizabeth is a 16-year-old girl who has the confidence. She travels this year in the professional exploration group. Despite a rather difficult personal experience, she knows .

Nathan Landry

Nathan is a very nice boy who has some difficulties in school. However, he works hard, presents himself in recovery and does a colossal job at home in order .

Anthony Sénéchal

Anthony Sénéchal is a young man registered in the program of support for the success (PSR). Reserved and calm, this young person invests constantly and actively participates in class since .