Audrey-Ann Garneau

Audrey-Ann is without a doubt a remarkable student. From the beginning of the school year, she was able to show us that she was motivated, hardworking, hungry for knowledge and thirsty for challenges.

Maximilian Erdogan

This student born in Germany and despite the fact that French is not his mother tongue, he studies in French. He is a perceverant and determined student who would like to study to obtain .

Samuel Miller

Samuel is a second-year high school student enrolled in a science concentration program for two years at our St. Martin High School. He is one of those students who

Marianne Do

Marianne is an exemplary young student. She finds the time to do several artistic activities, to be present for her friends and family while being able to be named among the best of her.

Lamia Kadourra

I present you Lamia Kadourra, my professional favorite! Lamia is a dysphasic teenager and an active member of Coop PopNote at L’Odyssée-des-Jeunes school.

Kimberly Flachaire

It is with pleasure that I apply for this student. In January 2014, the assistant director of Secondary IV asks me to meet the students with many failures.

Kaysie Bélair

Kaysie is a particularly original student who does not go unnoticed !! She is smiling, dynamic, playful, extrovert and extravagant. She shows all the confidence of a girl sure of her.

Yvanic Cyr

As the title indicates, before experiencing success and regaining some motivation in school, you have to put your heart into it. In the case of Yvanic, it’s all about .

Louventz Marc

I write these few sentences to tell you about a wonderful student and an exceptional human being: Louventz Marc. Born in Haiti, Louventz arrived in Quebec at the age of 8

Krystelle Emond

I wish to nominate a unique girl. Krystelle, a very endearing young woman, arrived in our special education group 4 years ago.