To be declared a winner and claim the prize, the eligible winner must have correctly completed all sections of the electronic registration, as mentioned in point 4 of this Regulation have responded to the email sent by a person in charge of this contest within a period of five (5) days.The selected entrant will be contacted at least three (3) times during this period using the email address indicated by the entrant on the registration form; complete and sign the declaration form to the effect, in particular, that it has complied with all the conditions set out in this by-law, that it accepts the prize as awarded and that it clears the Québec Youth and Academic Foundation Cybermentorat of any liability in connection with the contest. The form will be sent by mail, fax or email by the organizer of this contest and must be returned within 10 working days of receipt. If the winner is a minor, a parent or guardian will have to sign the form on their behalf;